4G Mobile Network Campaign - LifeHacks

YES is Malaysia’s first 4G network. The challenge is to launch and promote YES’s 4G internet devices, and its lightning fast 4G speeds. 

The Creative Idea 
Amazing Things Happen When You Say Yes.

We branded YES as a positive agent of change, where technology enables you do to so much more, and amazing things happen, when you say YES.

Lifehacks. We demonstrate how amazing things happen when you say YES. We give ideas on how you can revolutionise your business and change your life on a website. We also invited Malaysians to use the various mobile Internet devices and submit creative uses for the devices.  

Copywriter: Gwen Tan
Art Director: Michelle Lin 
Agency: BBH

We partnered with Universities in Malaysia to empower graduates with high-speed internet and access to knowledge. 

Turn your old and beat up car into a smart car with the 4G device.

We connect remote fishing villages in the world with the portable 4G Wifi devices.

We fit portable 4G Wifi devices onto tourist rides, so tourists who hop on these rides can tweet, Instagram and Facebook their experience. 

By fitting a portable 4G Wifi device onto small local businesses, the potential of these businesses get expanded for the better. Delivery, Yelp, and a social media presence. 

Because the 4G WiFi device is portable, one guy used it to propose to his girlfriend, by changing the Wifi Network name to "Will you marry me?"

Crowdsourced page of great ideas from users.