4G Mobile Network Campaign - Pimp Your Car

YES is Malaysia’s first 4G network. The challenge is to launch and promote YES’s 4G mobile Internet devices, and its lightning fast 4G speeds.

*Ideas presented to client but weren’t executed

The Creative Idea 
Amazing Things Happen When You Say Yes. We branded YES as a positive agent of change, where technology enables you to do so much more, and amazing things happen when you say YES.

Copywriters: Gwen Tan / Keith Kwek 
Art Directors: Michelle Lin / AC Ngai
Agency: BBH 


*Note This was before the smart car era when there were no TV screens or wifi in cars. We found that that Malaysians are avid car drivers and are big on modifying their cars, so we created new opportunities for Malaysians to adopt this new technology. We invited them to revamp their cars with the mobile Internet devices and experience how amazing things happen when you say YES. 

A print ad for the 'Huddle', a mobile internet device which you can place in your car for 4G Wi-Fi.

Ambient ads in parking lots. 

Billboards placed in the city, with booths inviting Malaysians to learn more about the mobile internet devices and how it can work in their cars. 

Malaysians frequently drive for long distances on the highway. We placed a billboard advertising the super-fast 4G internet speeds on the North-South highway. 


Lifehacks. We demonstrate how amazing things happen when you say YES. We give ideas on how you can revolutionize your business and change your life on a website. We also invited Malaysians to use the various mobile Internet devices and submit creative inventions for the devices.

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