Aquarius Campaign - Run the World/Google Street View

Launch Aquarius, a new sports energy drink under the Coca Cola brand in the Asia-Pacific region. The campaign needs to be sports related, but also break the status quo of typical sports energy drink advertising. 

*Idea has been presented to client 

Copywriter: Gwen Tan | Art Director: Astri | Agency: BBH 

Launch/Brand Experience Idea
Run the World. Technology mash-up of exercise machines and Google Street View. We hook up treadmills, rowing machines and bicycles to Google Street View. Progress made on screens will be connected to actual distance clocked on the exercise machine. Run anywhere you like in the world, from NYC to London to Rio. 

How it works 
Stations are set up in major cities where people join in and run the world. These running stations become ambient billboards for the brand, and will always be manned by runners. We make it engaging or competitive; by inviting runners to take part in a worldwide race, (without ever leaving their home city) Asian cities can challenge and race each other. Friends can also personally challenge each other using a mobile app. 


Visualization of treadmills hooked up to Google Street View

Print Ad

TV Spot

TV Script and Storyboard

We open on people across Asia, some cycling, some jogging, some rowing….

Young guy in Hong Kong: “Tomorrow I’m going to run to Rio”

Girl in Jakarta: “Tomorrow I’m going to cycle across Zimbabwe”

Two girls in a sea canoe: “Friday we’re going to row across the English channel”

Old guy in Beijing: “Tomorrow I start to run across the Sahara desert.”

Blind runner and his partner in Bangkok: “Tomorrow we’re running all the way to

VO: Are you ready to go further than ever before?
Are you ready to run the world?
Aquarius. Go further.